Soaring EAGLE Award


In 2021, the PTA established the Soaring EAGLE Award as a way to recognize the outstanding efforts, no matter how big or small, of a Clermont staff member.


How it works:

  • Each month parents, students, and staff will be asked to nominate teachers and staff who have made a student’s or a group of students’ day brighter by going above and beyond.
  • Nominations are presented to the PTA Board and voting takes place for the winner.
  • Once a winner is chosen, a morning announcement is made congratulating the nominees and the winner. The winner is presented with a signed certificate from the PTA President and a monetary gift.

Eagle by mwbishopde

photo by mwbishopde


Please fill out the Soaring Eagle nomination form to make your submission! 


Past Soaring Eagle Award Winners include:


2022-2023 School Year

  • September - Emily Hobson / 6th Grade Special Education
  • October - Kelly Convery / 4th grade sub for Mrs. Leith
  • November - Carolina Guido Parada / Parent liason - Enlace con los padres
  • December - Madeline Deveney / Art
  • January - Tiffany Velishka / ESOL
  • February - Kara Troutman/Special Education Teacher - 4th Grade
  • March - Rochelle Casey / 5th Grade
  • April - Blythe Belenky / 2nd Grade

2021-2022 School Year

  • October - Joyce Shott / 4th Grade
  • November - Kelly Fitzpatrick / 4th Grade
  • December - Sofia Santa Cruz / Speech Language Pathologist
  • January - Anna Rooney / 2nd Grade
  • February - Cathleen Fleitz / 3rd Grade
  • March - Jessica Leith / 4th Grade
  • April - Paula Tregger / School Counselor