PTA Membership - Join Now!!


The Clermont PTA partners with Clermont teachers and staff to create the most enriching elementary school environment possible for all of our students—this year to make our Clermont Eagles SOAR!


Why should you join the Clermont PTA for $10 a member?  Usually the answer to this includes programs that the PTA brings to the Clermont campus. These include fine arts programs, school enrichment activities such as chess club or coding classes, and funding for Science Fairs, Field Trips, and Assembly guests.


Perhaps the number one reason you should join the PTA this year is to have access to the Student and Parent Directory?  Only as active members of the PTA can you access the contact information of other PTA members via the Directory (found once you login to the Clermont PTA website.)  For movie nights, playdates, or you can find contact info for school and classmates in the Directory.  Or maybe you, the parent, is the one in need of connection and conversation - with an adult, that’s not work related. Contact information for connections is a great reason to join the PTA.


You should join the Clermont PTA for traditional reasons too! PTA-approved funding helps pay for teachers’ classroom needs and awards. Last year, the PTA provided new picnic tables in hopes that they can facilitate a  better learning environment. This year we're hoping that we can offer Math nights, Bingo nights, and more! The PTA also has the vote on how money is spent. As a PTA member, you can decide how dollars can help all Clermont students.


Why wouldn’t you join? It’s easy and you even can get discounts at places like Hertz, Great Wolf Lodge, as well as Theme Parks, Movie tickets, Sporting Event Tickets, Travel Accommodations, Health & Fitness, and lots more via Workplace AdvantageClick here to pay online or contact the PTA Membership Chair, with questions.  Thank you!




Once you are a member, you can pull up your PTA membership card on the Clermont PTA website under "My Account" or download the "Membership Tool Kit" app and sign in. Your card can be found under the file menu-> My Account -> Membership Card.