Miss Mac 2023-2024

6/13/2024 2:13 pm

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Clermont Elementary School 2023-2024 Miss Mac Award Winner is - Mrs. Ihda Sarsour, Kindergarten.
Highlights from Mrs. Sarsour's nominations include:
"Mrs. Sarsour creates an inclusive and nurturing environment where every child feels encouraged to learn and express themselves freely. Her positive outlook on learning is infectious, and she goes above and beyond her duties to ensure that her students not only learn but also build confidence and foster a love for curiosity and learning. Mrs. Sarsour's enthusiasm for the school environment is contagious and the type of environment that quickly puts a nervous kindergarten student (or parent) at ease. She truly fosters a safe, nurturing, and fun learning atmosphere which reflects the spirit of the Miss Mac Award."

"I have worked with Ihda Sarsour for the past two years and have become even more impressed with her abilities as the days go by. She started during a very difficult year while a Kindergarten teacher was being transitioned and held her own with a very rambunctious class...She came through with flying colors and is now a highly respected member of the Kindergarten team. I am also impressed with her knowledge of school protocol and her ability to talk to everyone comfortably...both on staff and parents. She is a likeable but no nonsense teacher. She excels at having her class live up to her expectations. She is fair and consistent throughout every situation for a student who cries nonstop virtually every day to the student who constantly interrupts. She always has it under control."
Congratulations to Mrs. Sarsour and all our nominees - Ms. Rooney 2nd Grade; Ms. Shott 2nd Grade; Mrs. Guido Parada Family Liason; Mrs. Fleitz 3rd Grade; Mrs. Mullin Administrative Assistant; Ms. Leith 4th Grade; Mrs. Shott 5th Grade; Ms. Troutman 5th Grade Special Education; Mrs. Leestma 4th Grade; Ms. Slack 4th Grade; Ms. Murphy 3rd Grade; Ms. Deveney Art teacher; Ms. Casey 5th Grade; Ms. Multiple Disabilities Teacher; Ms. Brown 2nd Grade and Ms. Santa Cruz Speech Language Pathologist.